Why Partner With Us

What are the 7 advantages of being business partner and a super platinum customer with Danube?
  1. You do not have to worry about anything except for the location of the store and distribution outlets.
  2. Operations plan, purchasing, storing, manuals can be provided by us
  3. We provide training plans, training documents and trainers to make the staff masters of our products.
  4. You save time when you become our partner. You do not need to wait for the business to earn reputation slowly and painfully; we already did it over the past years.
  5. We as business partners assume the burden of keeping the operations name before the public which means that we pay considerable part of the regional and national advertising cost that a single distributor would not like to pay.
  6. Our system of expanding and opening of more units in different areas will have appositive effect on our partners by creating greater recognition of their companies which will make them generate more profit.
  7. We provide large, wide incentive scheme for our partners much more than our normal product customers.

The ongoing development of our dairy farm and modernization of our factory is a continuous process.

Our incentive agents scheme

Kindly ask our marketing department to provide you with our incentive scheme